Riverbank Chemicals Pte Ltd

Riverbank Chemicals Pte Ltd, is currently the Group's headquarters as well as our regional sales and procurement centre. Being the headquarters, it:

  • Oversees all of the Group's operational activities.
  • Provides directions for the overall business development.
  • Establish future expansion plans.

Riverbank Vietnam Co. Ltd

The Integrated Terminal Facility (ITF) at Riverbank Vietnam Co. Ltd is strategically located next to the Go Dau Port, built on a 25,000 square meter plot of industrial land in the My Xuan A Industrial Zone. The ITF houses drumming and blending facilities, warehousing as well as shore tank facilities.

With the terminal infrastructure in Vietnam, it acts as a catalyst to propel the Group's future growth and further expansion within Asia region.

Primechem Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Primechem has gone through various phases of expansion ranging from the construction of sales office, warehouses and factories. The establishment of Primechem Malaysia Sdn Bhd hosts the main thinner blending facility as well as warehousing and storage point for both domestic and export markets.

  • Primechem Malaysia Sdn Bhd (southern office) oversees the overall domestic operational activities in Malaysia.

An overview of our integrated value chain process synchronizing the interaction of various activities to provide customer excellence.